Sytner Delivery

Get it delivered

Sytner Auction offers you a way to have your purchased vehicle delivered straight to your door*.

At the end of each auction you will be given an assumptive all-inclusive price. These details will be included on the e-mail that you receive ‘Auction Event Notification.’ To opt out of the delivery you will need to go to ‘Manage Purchases’ and slide the toggle to the off position (so it shows grey.) On acceptance all you will have to do is pay the dealership who will then arrange delivery to your door. Striving for a continued high level of customer service each driver will endeavour to call you before they set off with your car.


If a car needs to be delivered from Bradford to Birmingham the cost using The Sytner Delivery Service would be:

Total: £139.20 and this includes our unique Sytner Guarantee.

Typically collecting the car yourself could involve getting frustrated being stuck in traffic, early starts and getting home late. So why not let us do all the leg work for you, while you get on with doing what is important.

Sytner Guarantee

Sytner Delivery Guarantee is a unique service that we offer, if the car is delivered to your door and not as described then Sytner will offer a full refund of the purchase price and the cost of your delivery. If there is a disagreement regarding the condition then a member of Sytner’s trade team will mediate in these circumstances. If you have not used Sytner Delivery and a discrepancy does arise and the dealership agrees to buy the car back, only a refund of the purchase price will be arranged.

We do hope that you will see the benefits of this service.

*Mainland UK only.