Help Topics

1. Registration and Sign In

I have registered but cannot sign in to the site.

To access the site you must first verify that the email address which you used to register is in fact your email address. To do this you will first need to access your email account and then click the link within the email to verify your email address.

I have verified my email address but cannot sign in to the site.

Before you are allowed access to the site one of our administrators must first check that your details are valid. You will then receive an email to let you know when you are able to access the site.

I have received an email letting me know that I am now able to access the site, but I cannot sign in to the site.

A few tips to help you with signing in. Your sign in username is now the email address to which the 'Verify your email address' and 'Your account has been approved' emails were sent, NOT your old Sytner Electronic Auction username. Passwords used in this site are case sensitive, so when entering a new password you need to remember which of the letters were in capitals. If you are still having problems, please use the 'Forgot your password' functionality to reset your password.

The distances between me and vehicles listed on Sytner Auction are being displayed incorrectly.

This is because we cannot determine a location for your company postcode. You can review your postcode by clicking on the Site Details tab in the Company Settings page. If you are unable to change the postcode, or you believe that the postcode is definitely correct, then please Contact Us so that we can resolve the issue.

3. Bidding

What is an Auto bid?

An Auto bid is a bid which is placed by the system on your behalf. When you specify a maximum bid you are requesting that the system places bids up to your maximum bid when someone else attempts to take your place as the high bidder.

I placed a bid when the reserve was NOT met and the auction price climbed by a significant amount to a position where the reserve was met.

The auction price will automatically rise from 'Reserve not met' to 'Reserve met' when a bid is placed that is equal to or greater than the reserve.

How do I set my max bid to Undisclosed Amount?

Placing a bid in the normal fashion is all that you need to do to hide your maximum bid from other bidders. In further detail when you have a bid placed where the maximum bid is greater than or equal to the current bid you, and other members of your company, will be able to see your maximum bid. The seller and bidders outside of your company will instead see the words Undisclosed Amount.

I have mistakenly placed the incorrect bid amount on a vehicle/placed a bid on the incorrect vehicle.

We are afraid that when a bid has been placed we are unable to retract any bids. As a buyer you must make sure that the bid you are placing on a vehicle is correct amount and also the correct vehicle. The system will prompt you if the bid you are placing is £1,000 more than the current bid. If you are the winning bidder at the end of the auction then the vehicle will have to be paid for as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

4. Create Alert!

I would like to be informed when a specific type of vehicle is listed on the site.

To receive email alerts when new vehicles are listed on the site first perform a search with your desired criteria and then click the Create Alert! button located just above the search results.

How can I save searches to run in the future?

When you create an alert you specify your search criteria and then create an alert to notify you of new vehicles but there is also another feature worth noting here. That alert can be accessed by going to the Alert Manager and expanding the 'View or Modify Existing Alerts' panel. Now if you click on the title of an alert the system will perform a search with the search criteria that you used to originally create that alert and you can perform this action regardless of whether an alert is enabled or not.

5. Emails and SMS Notifications

How do I change my Email and SMS notifications?

Using the menu in the top right navigate to the page My Settings which can be found in the My Account drop down. Then select the option Email and SMS Notifications in the left menu and from within here you can select which events you would like to be notified of via Email or SMS message.

6. Payment

How do I go about paying for a vehicle?

The seller's bank details are available to view in the Manage Purchases Section of My Account when you are the winner of an auction. Sytner will only accept payment by the following methods: Telegraphic Transfer (TT), On Line bank transfer or BACS. Always add the registration to your transfer so the dealerships can find your funds.

Can I pay by cash at the dealership or pay by cash over the counter at the bank?

Sytner do not accept cash payments. If you are found paying by cash then your Sytner Auction account will be terminated.

Can I pay by Debit Card or Credit Card?

Sytner do not accept any form of card payment.

Who can pay for the car that I have purchased?

Payments will only be accepted from the company registered on Sytner Electronic Auction and / or from a person that is registered with Companies House. 3rd party payments will not be accepted and the goods will not be released.

Are there any fees?

Sytner Auction do not charge any subscription fees, you can sign up for free. You will only pay a fee when you successfully win a car. The fees for these are…

Winning Bid/Vehicle ReserveBuying Fee
£0 - £500£35 + VAT
£501- £3000 £75 + VAT
£3001 - £15,000£100 + VAT
£15,001>£125 + VAT

7. Delivery and Collection

I have purchased a vehicle and have gone to collect it myself. Will I be able to test drive the vehicle before I take it?

Yes, however you may well be asked to pay for the vehicle before you do. It is vitally important that you test drive the car. Each dealer will try and describe their cars to the best of their abilities, but there may be something that we miss, so it is imperative that before you take that journey home you, like Sytner, take the car for a spin and make sure that there are no major problems.

What if there is an issue on my test drive?

If there is an issue mechanically you must tell the selling dealer straight away. You must return the vehicle back to the dealer so they may look at the vehicle with you, and also so they may see, or hear the issue that you have. Do not carry on with your journey as we will not be able to help.

I have gone to collect a vehicle and there is a problem with it. How should I proceed?

Speak to the selling dealer before you leave the dealership. If you have an issue with a purchased vehicle it must be pointed out to the selling dealer before you leave the site.

I have gone to collect a car and have rejected it due to an undisclosed fault. Will Sytner refund me for my journey?

Sytner will only refund a collection if Sytner Delivery has been used.

I have not heard anything back regarding a problem that I identified with a vehicle, and have subsequently started work on that vehicle. Will Sytner cover these costs?

No work should be carried out until a resolution has been agreed in writing regardless of time scale.

8. Sytner Delivery

How do I arrange Sytner Delivery?

There are a few ways to arrange Sytner Delivery, but the easiest way is to go to the Manage Purchases section of My Account and then click the Contact/Delivery Details link of the vehicle that you would like delivered. This will take you to a pre-populated e-mail that will be sent direct to Sytner Delivery, who in turn will contact you to arrange the collection.

How do I find the vehicle details and auction ID for a particular auction?

Details such as the auction ID, vehicle registration number, and VIN can all be found on the main vehicle page. To get to this page, click on the picture of the vehicle in the lists found on your Manage Purchases page. If you have the registration number or auction ID of a vehicle then you can also enter either of these into the search bar at the top of the page, and click 'Search' to locate it.

I have an issue with a car that Sytner Delivery has delivered.

If you do have an issue with a car that has been delivered, you must contact the dealer within 24 hours of the receipt of the car. We are unable to assist with any vehicle issues which are reported after this period.

I have returned a vehicle that was delivered by Sytner Delivery, how do I claim back my Sytner Delivery costs?

Sytner Delivery will invoice you for the collection. When you have received an invoice you will have to send a copy of the Sytner Delivery invoice to Sytner Auction who will process a cheque for the invoice.

9. Multiple Companies

I have been set up on Sytner Auction as a member of multiple companies, how do I switch between them?

When you are set up as a member of multiple companies on Sytner Auction there will be an arrow displayed in the top right hand corner of your screen which will allow you to switch between your available companies.

10. Create Listing

Which section is most suitable for the damage images?

You can either use the "Images" section and include images of the damaged areas of the vehicle, along with standard images you would like for the users to be able to see, or you can upload an image, specific to the damage area. To do this in the "Damage" section, select a damage area to add an image, by clicking/tapping it to display the damage options menu, then choose "Add Image".